From collection to recycling and reuse

Fashion to Fiber offers a complete solution for collecting and sorting clothing for reuse and recycling. The consumer drops the textiles off at your branch. Fashion to Fiber has developed a number of in-store solutions for this. Since we always want the very best for our customers, we are happy to work with you to create a custom collection point.

The Barrel

Contemporary and handy collection bin.  Circularity in textiles literally starts here.

De Tex

Our standard collection box is made of white coated chipboard. The box can be customised with your branding.

De Tex

Our standard collection box is made of white coated chipboard. The box can be customised with your branding.

The Planq® Box

The outside of our Planq Box is finished with PlanqTextile® coating, made from recycled denim. This finish is available in different colours. The Planq® Box contains a cardboard box of 40x40x80 cm.

Collection & recycling of

Recycling or reuse?

Reuse of textiles means that the textiles are re-marketedas a second-hand product. Of course, this is preceded by a matriculate sorting process ensuring the supply of second-hand clothing matches the demand in the market.

If clothing is not fit for reuseor if this is not preferred, we will proceed with recycling. In this case the textile is reduced to the fiber level in a mechanical recycling process. These fibers are used in designer furniture, acoustic panels and insulation material, in the automotive industry, processed into felts and many other applications ensuring the textile fiber has a sustainable future again.

True circularity can be realized if the fibers gained from recycling process are used in new fabrics. These recycled fibers are processed into yarns and fabrics for new clothing A circular process where innovation is key and long-term investments are required. Boer Group Fashion to Fiber is current the only company in Europe able to produce spinnable fibers out of recycled textiles.

Yarns, fabrics and new products

The yarns are used to make clothing, as well as towels, bed runners, blankets, mops, and much more. The fibers are used in new products such as furniture (from Planq®), bags, and as raw material for the paper industry. Non-wovens are, for example, processed into acoustic panels, insulation, and filter material for drainage systems, or used in the automotive industry or for felt products.